Off Leash K9 Trainers in Portland Oregon

Trish brings a lot of dog training experience to Portland, Oregon! Trish spent ten years of active duty in the United States Air Force as a military working dog handler which included six different duty stations and two deployments. While at her home station, her and her (K9) partner would often times provide local law enforcement with back-up, supervise subordinates, and even assisted in Presidential event sweeps along with the US Secret Service. In her ten years of service, she had the opportunity to work with hundreds of different dogs.
Trish is excited to bring her wealth of knowledge and experience to the Portland, Oregon area! She is very experienced in training dogs for basic and advanced obedience, detection work, as well as dealing with behavioral modification.
She is excited to give owners the same level of training, discipline, and obedience as the military working dogs she had worked for ten years; regardless of their age, size, or breed!
Trish is the proud owner of a two American bulldogs, Max and Sammy.

Bruce is an Air Force veteran of 15 years in service, 12 of which were spend as a dog handler, trainer, and kennel master. Bruce brings lots of experience to the table when it comes to aggressive and fearful dogs. Bruce joined Off Leash K9 Training LLC in June of 2015 and was certified by Nick White.

Bruce and Trish met while stationed in Germany as dog handlers and have been inseparable since. Bruce is the proud owner of a 9-year-old American bulldog and loves bully breeds, German shepherds, Saint bernards, schnauzers, retrievers, and doodles.

Aaron is an Army veteran and avid dog lover. He was a HVAC technician in the Army and private security post military. His pack consists of two GSD/Huskies, Luna and Buster. He also volunteers his time with Clackamas County Volunteer Search and Rescue. Aaron has been with OLK9 Portland since February 2016.

Aaron’s favorite breeds are: GSD, husky, retrievers, schnauzer, and doodles.

Andrew joined OLK9 Portland in July 2015. He is Trish’s protégée and excels at all things dog training related. Andrew is a very calm and quiet person and handles a lot of our insecurity cases, as well as, therapy dog and service dog candidates.
Andrews favorite breeds are: rottweiler, akita, bully breeds, doberman, small breeds like the Boston Terrier, Maltese, and Jack Russell.

Michelle is our lesson trainer at the Beaverton office location. She was a Operations Manager in the medical field and has found her calling as a dog trainer. Michelle’s dog is a small 35 lbs pit bull named Lucy who was rescued from the shelter.

Michelle’s favorite breeds are: all dogs!