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I would recommend them highly

I have a very large and stubborn German Shepherd although I’ve had Shepherd’s before this guy is completely different from all the others I’ve ever had he’s has very high anxiety and a very high prey drive so he would not heal he pulls on the leash and at the age of 3 he started getting aggressive with people and other animals. I contacted off leash and they set me up with trainer who was excellent with him they taught me a lot about using the collar and other behaviors for my shadow I would recommend them highly because their trainers care about the animals and do the best to train them.
Mary Rossiter   // Verified Google Review

5 stars!!!

Off Leash K9 Training was awesome! They are so good at training our dog and providing daily updates. You can tell they loves animals! They got attached to our pup in only 2 weeks. So sweet!! All has been great in providing support to us. We recommend them without hesitation. 5 Stars!!!
Carol Cone.  // Verified Google Review

super impressive!

If you are even considering taking your dog here you should. We did the two week board and train and it made all the difference in the enjoyment of our dog. The Off Leash K9 trainers are amazing, seeing them work with my stubborn dog was super impressive!
Amanda Dittlinger   // Verified Google Review

Totally worth the time and money.

Our 3 year old German Shepherd, with no previous professional training, is responding very well to these classes and to the trainer. She is now excited to go to class, and is becoming a much more well behaved dog at home, and we have only been to two of the eight classes we signed up for.
Dana Brumley  // Verified Google Review

Overall experience was excellent

Our dog showed tremendous improvement over a short period of time (Australian cattle dog/pit bull mix). Trainer was always helpful and answered questions. As most of us know, we go to trainers more so that as we the owners can be trained on how/when to discipline.

Every dog poses a unique challenge and they were able to help train us both. The ecollar training is way more effective and humane than any choke collar. It’s important to know it’s not an automatic bark collar, but a training aide.

Tyler Estes  // Verified Google Review

well worth the expense

I just picked up my 6mo old schipperke from her two week board and train with my trainer. This breed is particularly stubborn. They like to constantly butt heads and they like to win. They are not good off leash as they like to explore. After talking to my trainer she felt she could work her magic on my little girl.

The first few days were tough on all of us. I truly expected to get a call to come get her. My trainer hung in there and slowly my dog came around. She actually seemed to enjoy it once she learned who is boss. The daily videos and reports were great and I could see how well she was doing.

My trainer did her magic and my little Kit came back a different dog. This is my second dog with this group. I will be sending a third to them soon. For anyone with a challenging dog my trainer and the off leash group are the ones to go to. The two week board and train program is well worth the expense.

Equitot   // Verified Google Review

Thanks for everything

Trish is a wonderful person and dog trainer. We needed to get our dog trained before we moved across the country and had our first baby. She is a large rescued St. Bernard that had aggression issues. Trish was very accommodating with training times and is by far the best trainer we’ve worked with (and we’ve had quite a few).

Almost a year later she is still helping us, and answering questions that come up even though we live on the other side of the country and our lessons are long since passed. She has texted me videos and detailed explanations to help out with some situations that have come up. Not many people provide this level of service and dedication these days.

Do not be scared off by the use of an electric collar, she will teach you to use it properly so that it does not hurt your pet in any way. She was very adamant about this, even making us use it on our own hand first so we were comfortable with what the dog would feel.

After trying other trainers in the area I wish we would have found her sooner. Thanks for everything Trish and we’ll talk to you soon I’m sure!

Kevin Dougherty  // Verified Google Review

We are now happy

My husband and I recently had to pleasure of working with my trainer in Bend/Redmond. When we had our first consultation with her, we had reached the end of our rope with handling and training our new giant Schnauzer puppy. While we had own dogs prior, looking back we now realize that we did not truly understand the significance of having a working breed with a strong personality.

Our puppy, Dutch, was not a bad dog but he was a horrible pet. He bit us, chased us, pushed us, ate our things, ran away from us and pulled us. I described him as “high strung, highly sensitive, and downright disagreeable”. I cried every Friday evening after a miserable week at home with this crazy dog.

One truly frustrating thing, was that he was highly intelligent and by 4 months knew all the basic commands and how to perform them by verbal commands and hand signal alone. However, he only did it when he felt like it or for food. When we met with my trainer, we had already entered into a mindset of “fostering” Dutch for a new home because ours was just not the right fit.

Enter the amazing trainer and the ecollar! Wow! Just Wow! We choose to do 4 basic lessons and 1 advance lesson. After the VERY FIRST LESSON, and WITHIN THE FIRST WEEK, we had a completely different dog. Within days, of just practicing “come” and basic obedience commands like “Off, Out” he became calm AND affectionate! By our second session, his personality was completely different.

A sweet puppy, who was not terrorizing us and was affectionate in a way we could respond to. I did not cry that week or ANY week after that! It was an astounding turnaround and every week it got better and better. We are now happy to have Dutch and keep him as a part of our family!

Thank you to my trainer for helping people like us communicate with our dog and create a relationship based on respect and love. My trainer is personable, professional and capable. Call her today if you need help with your dog!

Tara Williams  // Verified Google Review

best and only dog training

First off, this is the best and only dog training program I will ever recommend to anyone! About three months ago I HAD a overactive, anxious, nervous, all around neurotic Australian Shepherd. He had nipped at a few people and even got a little aggressive with another dog. I had no idea what I was going to do, so I posted on thumbtack looking for help and Trish reached out to me.

Now about a month or so into the training program, I have a completely new dog. Not only does he listen, but with the commands Trish thought my girlfriend and I Maverick is getting the necessary exercise he needs.

I am not worried about taking him outside or having new guests over the house. Bottom line if you are having issues with your dog, go to OFF-LEASH. They are the best around, not only do they help with behavior but they have advanced classes too!

Spenser True  // Verified Google Review

definitely be a returning customer.

My very stubborn Great Dane just came home from a board and train and I could not be happier. Even my 8 year old daughter was able to take her on a mile long loose leash walk. My only regret is that I didn’t sign up when she was younger! If I get another dog in the future, I’ll definitely be a returning customer.
Brandi Adams  // Verified Google Review

had amazing results

My 7 month old GSD is being trained on basic and advanced and the first two lessons have had amazing results. We are definitely looking forward to completing the next two months of training. Trish Fuller makes sure the dog understands what is expected while at the same time demonstrating to the family what to do. Then the owner takes over and Trish “trains the trainer.” We are really the ones getting trained here! This is like a one on one college course on dog training.
Anthony Moore  // Verified Google Review

totally Off Leash trained!

My name is Brian Stone and I recently sent Nico for boarding and training, Nico was a very large puppy at 6 months when I sent him away. And Wow! Same loving puppy, but totally Off Leash trained! Much calmer and very obedient. I mainly use a electric wheelchair and Nico was trained to stay by my side all the time without a leash.

Thank you Off Leash K9 Training!

Brian Clark Stone   // Verified Google Review
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